Granville T. Woods: The Black Edison


To me, he isn’t the Black Edison; he is Granville T. Woods, one of the most important inventors in the 19th and 20th century. 

By the time of his death, on January 30, 1910, in New York City, Granville T. Woods had invented 15 appliances for electric railways. received nearly 60 patents, many of which were assigned to the major manufacturers of electrical equipment that are a part of today’s daily life.

Steam Boiler Furnace Comment: First Patent.
Telephone Transmitter
Apparatus for Transmission of Messages by Electricity
Relay Instrument
Polarized Relay
Electro Mechanical Brake
Telephone System and Apparatus
Electro Mechanical Brake Apparatus
Railway Telegraphy
Induction Telegraph System
Overhead Conducting System for Electric Railway
Electro-Motive Railway System
Tunnel Construction for Electric Railway
Galvanic Battery
Railway Telegraphy
Automatic Safety Cut-Out for Electric Circuits
Automatic Safety Cut-Out for Electric Circuits.
Electric Railway System
Electric-Railway Supply System.
Electric Railway Conduit
System of Electrical Distribution
System of Electrical Distribution.
Amusement Apparatus
Automatic Circuit-Breaking Apparatus.
Electric Railway
Electric Railway System
Regulating and Controlling Electrical Translating Devices
Electric Railway
Controlling Electric Motors or Other Electrical Translating Devices.
Controlling Electric Motors or Other Electrical Translating Devices.
Controlling Electric Motors or Other Electrical Translating Devices.
Controlling Electric Motors or Other Electrical Translating Devices.
Electric Railway.

System of Electrical Control.
Motor Controlling Apparatus.
Automatic Air Brake
Electric Railway System
Electric Railway
Railway-Brake Apparatus.
Electric-Railway Apparatus.
Railway-Brake Apparatus.
Safety Apparatus for Railways.
Safety Apparatus for Railways.
Vehicle-Controlling Apparatus.

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