Team BackPack: Ruby Ibarra, Ryan Nicole, True Jones, Kri$$y Blvnko and Prod. M-Jaf

3 Years Ago!!!!! Where are the support by the community?

Team Back-Pack Channel

Flying Lotus f. Kendrick Lamar – “Never Catch Me”

Amazing and touching…..

Mick Jenkins: Chicago Hip Hop

The Water[s]

Chicago has undergone a creative renaissance in the past few years, one of a depth few anticipated. Compared with earlier regional moments, where local buzz propelled a handful of artists to the national stage, the Internet’s clear-glass window into this world—and the increased marketing savvy of even its least-established teenagers—has made the city’s multiple scenes appear saturated. This is further exaggerated by the reams of imitators the city’s bigger stars—Chief Keef and Chance the Rapper—have inspired. With limited oxygen in a competitive space, a raft of rookie artists have stubbornly hoisted themselves into the air, grasping for whichever angle best fits.


Black Sheep


Akala Knowledge Is Power Vol. 2

From Vol. 1

My Commentary

Time Is Over Feat Selah

Knowledge Is Power

Insert Truth

Youtube Channel

The Music Industry

Great Race Debate with Macklemore on Ebro in the Morning!

Azealia Banks: Will Her Personal Outspoken Views Sabotage Her Career?

I like the mixture of Rap/Hip Hop with House Music, I think its’ dope but will Azealia Bank’s heart felt outbursts on interviews and Twitter ruin her career? Here is my take; I love that the girl is raw and honest, I actually agree with some of her concerns. The problem is she can’t express those views absent of being confrontational, which makes her come off as crazy. As refreshing as it is, she is also extremely immature and comes off as a hypocrite at times. I love to have at least a dichotomy within an artist, but it can be someone’s downfall if they can’t express themselves in a less combative way. She reminds me of Kanye; compose/logical in one moment then becomes a bit crazy and all over the place with her views. Should this be problematic in an artsy where honesty should be valued even with disagreements?

Azealia Banks

1991 EP 2012


Where you can buy?

Twitter drags T.I. for defending Iggy against Q-Tip

New Hip Hop Album: Akala, Banquet of Thieves

Rating 9

Akala | Sixteen 16’s | Ep. 2

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