Deaf Ears, A Letter Written to John Stossel In 2012: Political Correctness

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John Stossel


     Dear John Stossel,

I’m an avid viewer of your show Mr. Stossel; you bring many of the views I agree with up on your show and you also allow open discussions/topics from those of varying ideologies and opinions. It’s refreshing, especially how you let many express themselves, whether it’s correct or wrong. One episode did give me pause, even though I completely understood why Pat Buchanan was on your show; his views were not popular or accurate pertaining to ethnicity, and MSNBC gave him the boot because of it. I feel that decision was wrong, and not wise; why? Because it gave his comments legs to stand on and all views should be expressed in order for us to educate each other. At the same time freedom of expression and speech doesn’t not protect you from rebuttals from others and possibly losing your job, because of it. There is nothing stopping Buchanan from starting his own podcast, so he can have his delusional rants on race and president Obama.

I would love it, if you had some scholars that could give Pat Buchanan a respectful rebuttal. I wish I could do it myself, but talking in front of a live audience in general scares me. Comments like Pat’s do give off a false notion; “Minorities didn’t have any or little contributing factors to this country,” it is a dangerous and false notion. People really do believe Anglo Saxons are the sole builders of this nation or minorities did minimum contributions.  People express this attitude even though it was Black labor and innovation that made the U.S into an economic powerhouse. I would like to give you the unheard side of history, if you don’t mind.

The Revolutionary war wasn’t just fought by Anglo Saxon Americans, and we don’t only have European Founders of this nation. The Native people were the founders of The New World and were just as creative and sophisticated as some of the Europeans who landed on their shores. In addition to the forgotten free people’s of the continent of Africa who also came to the New World. The sad reality is, not only White Americans do not know these facts but many Black Americans as well. It’s not taught in school.

(In reference to this video)

Revolutionary War 

James Armistead Lafayette


Donald Trump’s Attacks Against Hispanic and Latin Americans

donald trump

Who will defend Ronald Sanchez and his family? Donald Trump is inciting racism, and violence against Hispanic/Latin Americans. Him along with others like Ann Coulter are spouting misinformation about certain ethnic groups. Lies such as immigrants do not work as hard as they use to or are not as smart as the ones of the past. (In the past immigration laws and policies worked in favor of Europeans, almost exclusively) Fallacies such as most immigrants are on welfare, rapist and a host of other nonsensical rhetoric that people who lack the intelligence to fact check would believe.

TYT Commentators: Women in the Military


The Missing Piece of Film History

film thumbnail

Jidenna: Classic Man

Team BackPack: Ruby Ibarra, Ryan Nicole, True Jones, Kri$$y Blvnko and Prod. M-Jaf

3 Years Ago!!!!! Where are the support by the community?

Team Back-Pack Channel

Disturbing Comments About Selma and American Sniper


For those who might get it twisted, I am not comparing Martin Luther King to Chris Kyle; I’m discussing some people’s criticism of both movies and the men themselves. Chris Kyle might have made mistakes, but it is ridiculous to believe he deserved death.

Grace’s commentary on Selma

Grace’s commentary on American Sniper 


Stranger Comics: The Untamed Review

A gripping tale of a stranger who has lost everything dare to him, yet have to face a trial that might cause him to lose what little humanity he has left. Stranger is an amazing story told by Sebastian A. Jones and illustrated by Peter Bergting; where words and illustration are beautifully synchronized. Peters’ illustrations/visual art reminds me of a crossbred between Samurai Jack and Skyrim, but much more polished and gritty. Loved how the dialogue flowed effortlessly and the transitioning smoothly. I enjoyed learning bits and pieces about the stranger’s past and his chance at redemption, but again by what means? Who will be the stranger’s salvation? Claiming seven souls, or an innocent girl?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Official Site



Pittsburgh Police Chief Challenge on Racism

Like I’ve stated before, love it when Americans stick up for each other.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh’s new police chief is being criticized by a police union president for being photographed on New Year’s Eve holding a sign that says, “I resolve to challenge racism @ work,” and bearing a Twitter hash tag that says, “# end white silence.”

Fraternal Order of Police president Howard McQuillan says the sign paints city police, especially white officers, as racists, and the chief’s photo violates a policy governing police participation in social media.

Chief Cameron McLay, who was hired in September, defended his holding the sign that someone brought to the city’s annual First Night celebration. In an email to the union, McLay, who is white, apologized if he offended officers but said it is a “statistical fact” that policing efforts have “a disparate impact on communities of color.”

Again mixing it up; Liberal video and Conservative link.

Benin Plaques: Lost Kingdoms

Music by Blackalicious

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